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Fool’s Pajamas is a creative team of three multi-talented friends who provide professional and entertaining corporate videos, musical videos, wedding videos, and commercials located in Nashville and expanding across the country. We apply our talents and creativity to deliver video products to our clients.


Every member involved in our business has an extensive educational background in the area of videography. Our education has also allowed each of us to become familiar working with the latest videography software and technology. With a rich history of collaboration of our team members, we can streamline projects and work more efficiently. As a group of innovative college graduates, our business would bring a new perspective to the production industry. We bring the whole package that includes the creative process, production, and post production.


Fool’s Pajamas was founded by two brothers and their talented pal. It all started in high school when we decided that for History class we didn’t want to do a boring PowerPoint like the rest of our class. We wanted to wow everyone with a video. We soon found that the three of us worked extremely well together. All of our unique talents and skills make us a great team. We decided that we wanted to start a production company together and do what we love, which is making videos.

Andy Bennett

Creative Director

Andy has a passion for videography and creative storytelling that he has mastered for the last 7 years. He was the creator and co-producer, along side his brother Alex, of a weekly school news show throughout his college career where he was tasked with coming up with creative video ideas on weekly basis. Although he has experience in editing and cinematography his strength is in his creative ideas. He will always be happy to work with you to create a truly special video.

James Hallock

Production Director

James has extensive education and experience in several visual effects software packages and on set production techniques. He has 9 years of editing, directing, and production experience as well as 4 years of experience working on corporate videos for companies such as Hospital Corporation of America and has worked on several award winning short films. James majored in Visual Effects at the Savannah College of Art and Design.

Alex Bennett

Director of Development

Alex has over 7 years of editing and videography experience. While interning at the Trinity Broadcasting Network, he developed and enhanced his script writing, camera operating, and video editing techniques. Alex has worked on many projects and promos that have been on live Television. One of his favorite shooting experiences was shooting interviews at The Dolby Theater. Alex uses his leadership and organizational skills to be proficient as Fool’s Pajamas Director of Development.